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Cape Lookout Needs Our Help

How Can You Help?

There are 3 main ways you can currently help us...


Any donation helps us greatly. All donations go towards restoring & protecting Cape Lookout & its shoreline!


Cape Lookout has impacted people from all around the world. Check out our merchandise and see if there is anything that you would like to have.

Connect & Share

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Raising Awareness and Support for Erosion and Historic Preservation Solutions at Cape Lookout.

We are committed to saving the communities and historical landmarks that Cape Lookout is home to. Learn about worsening erosion and our coming solutions.


What is Happening at
Cape Lookout?

Water Is Coming Dangerously Close To The Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage

In 2006, 75,000 cubic yards of sand was brought in to replenish approaching erosion danger when high water was 75 feet from the Keeper’s Cottage. Now, high water is less than 15 feet away from the cottage. We are one storm away from this landmark being severely damaged or washed away.

The Lighthouse is Deteriorating and is in Need of Major Repairs

The lighthouse has been closed to the public since 2018 due to its deteriorating condition. From major degradation and rusting of the cast iron at the top of the lighthouse, to having to completely strip and repaint the entire tower, the lighthouse is in need of major repairs, soon. The estimated cost for the needed repairs to the lighthouse is now over $16,000,000 compared to the 2018 estimate of $8,000,000. 

Hear From The Community

Jim Browder

Executive Director of the Crystal Coast Tourism Bureau

Solutions are coming.

Federal and State leaders have plans to provide great solutions to the problems Cape Lookout is facing but they do not plan for them to be completed until the summer of 2025. We must urge them to expedite these solutions as 2025 may be too late.

Sand Renourishment

On September 1st, the Army Corps of Engineers announced they will begin renourishing the Cape Lookout beach starting in November 2024. They plan to utilize 35,000 cubic yards of sand from the dredging of Barden’s Inlet in front of the lighthouse!

Full Lighthouse Restoration

An estimated cost of $16,000,000 in repairs is needed to restore the lighthouse. These repairs include repainting the entire tower and replacing the rusted stairwell. 

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